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Manage your Webconverger terminals from the Web

To save build time, we have moved customisation options on to the Web as a simpler alternative to embedding them in the installation media.

Your Webconverger boots, contacts https://config.webconverger.com for a configuration based on its machine identity.

Furthermore we have powerful features you can use to troubleshoot your kiosk deployments.

Control panel demonstration

Our control panel makes managing 1 or 100s of Webconverger deployments trivial.

What are the steps to configure Webconverger?

Webconverger sign up flow video walk through

  1. Download, image and boot Webconverger
  2. By default you will be taken to a configuration form
  3. Fill in the form to setup your configuration and add your machine to it
  4. Congratulations! You have setup a Webconverger kiosk